Sustainability Educator Certification (Teacher Course)

Help lead sustainability in your school and join a global community of sustainability educators with Tuu’s free Sustainability Educator Certification.

The online course guides sustainability educators through tracking key areas of sustainable development at school. It demonstrates how to bring sustainability data to life in the classroom and support students in driving school-based initiatives and projects.

Graduated sustainability educators join the exclusive community of like-minded leaders for knowledge-sharing around best practice for sustainability tracking at school, case studies, and inspiration for sustainability initiatives.

The online certification, which is made up of five modules, launches in August 2023.

It includes: 

  • Core ideas surrounding sustainability and global education
  • Understanding Tuu’s sustainability tracking methodology 
  • Navigation and analysis of Tuu’s dashboard and data visualisations
  • Guidance on embedding data gathering and analysis into student-led initiatives
  • Reflective practice as an ESD-oriented educator
  • Access to Tuu’s Sustainability Educators community
  • Certification of status as a Sustainability Educator

Who is the course for?

Teachers who are members of a school green committee and/or oversee the gathering of sustainability data and the implementation of sustainability initiatives and ECAs.

Certification modules:

Module 1: What is the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)?

  • Overview of ESD
  • Case students of ESD:
    • At management / operations level
    • At classroom / curriculum level
  • Reflective questions of ESD in your school context 

Module 2: Methodology & Data Gathering

  • Tuu Methodology / Sustainability data points
    • Comprehension questions based on methodology and rationale
  • Process (uploading proofs / navigation of tracker)
    • Acceptable proof

Module 3: Tracker Navigation & Graph Analysis 

  • Graph Analysis
    • Screenshots of sample data 
    • Comprehension questions 

Module 4: Embedding into your Curriculum

  • Education / Teaching
  • Reflective teaching prompts
  • Student-led data gathering
  • Development of projects and initiatives
  • Embedding Tuu data into your curriculum

Module 5: Evidence Submission

  • Submission
  • Proof of 3 month usage
  • Proof of student work / evidence and reflective inquiry

Register your interest with our head of education Stewart Utley at: