Course 2: Sustainable Schools

A deeper dive into sustainability principles in schools to help students understand sustainability in the context of their campus.

The key to driving sustainable behaviours in students is linking it to their contexts.

In this course, students will discover a range of key sustainable principles in schools. It will get students thinking about how schools can be a key player in the global drive towards sustainability.

Students will dive into the key areas that schools can build sustainable practices, interact with a wide range of examples and activities, and translate these into their own contexts.

Sustainable Schools treats students like real climate researchers and change makers.  The first module shows them how to develop a killer project proposal – from understanding their ‘why’ to knowing the ‘how’ and defining what success looks like. They then learn how to measure light, create green spaces, launch water-saving campaigns and identify where solar panels will work best at your school.  

Course Length:
4 modules to be completed over 4 weeks or less.

Age Groups:  

  • Secondary (Age 11-14) UK Years 7-9, US 6th-8th Grade

SDG’s covered:


It can be taken online, or be used with our teacher resource packs as part of a lesson in the classroom.

$20 per student