Course 1: Intro to Sustainability

A beginner sustainability course for students to get them thinking about sustainability in the context of their school.

As our first sustainability course for students, this online ECA or CCA gives an overview of sustainability themes, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and how they are being worked towards in schools around the world.

Students develop a better understanding of not only what the SDGs are, but why they are important for the race to combat global climate change and begin to explore the actions they can adopt to support sustainable futures. 

“This course aims to equip students with the skills vital for interaction with the discourse surrounding global environmental issues, but also to work with ideas and concepts that directly impact their own contexts.”

Stewart Utley – Head of Education

Course length:
4 modules to be completed over 4 weeks or less.

Age Groups: 

  • Secondary (Age 11-14) UK Years 7-9, US 6th-8th Grade

SDG’s covered: 

It can be taken online, or be used with our teacher resource packs as part of a lesson in the classroom.

$20 per student