The 10% Challenge

A student-led 100-school race to reduce water and energy on campus by 10%

This is an image promoting Tuu's 10X Challenge - a race for schools worldwide to reduce their energy and water consumption by 10%

Tuu is all about putting students at the heart of climate action in their communities. Now, with the 10% Challenge, your students can learn how to read sustainability data, reduce consumption at your school and save you money on your monthly bills – all while joining and sharing tips with 99 other schools working towards the greater good.

In a 5-month challenge, can your school

  • Have 10 active student members on your green committee?
  • Hold 10 green committee meetings?
  • Encourage at least 10 students to complete “Introduction to Sustainability” ECA certification? 
  • Reduce energy and water consumption on campus by 10%?

If the answer is “yes” to one or more of the above, sign up your school now to the 10% Challenge.

Your school will get (for free!)… 

  • 5 month access to our simplified Sustainability Tracker
  • Downloadable monthly sustainability reports
  • Eco-committee access to Tuu’s “Intro to Sustainability” ECA 
  • A downloadable 100-page Teacher Resource Pack to plan face-to-face lessons
  • Access to Tuu’s Sustainability Educator Teacher Certification 

100 schools signed up could mean

1,000 students working towards to goal of saving 400,000 tons of Co2, which is the equivalent of:

  • 866 cars driven for a year
  • 9,000 barrels of oil 
  • 51 tankers of gasoline 
  • 473,597,242  number of smartphones charged
  • 192 garbage trucks of waste recycled instead of landfilled
  • 168,526 trash bags of waste recycled instead of landfilled

With Tuu’s 10% Challenge, we can work together to improve the sustainability performance in schools around the world, share ideas and tips on how to reduce Co2, and engage students to take meaningful climate action.

This is an experience that will stay with students forever. It will help you set them up to become tomorrow’s green leaders.

Terry Blackburn – Founder

Sign your school up now – the 10% Challenge begins from November 1st 2023.