Tuu Twins

Partner with another school to track, share and learn about sustainability

At Tuu we believe that all schools should be putting students at the heart of sustainability around campus, and all students should have the opportunity to learn about sustainability while understanding key issues around climate change.

But we also accept that it is easier said than done for a lot of schools. Not every school will necessarily have the resources to get the most out of our sustainability tracking dashboard, monthly rating, or our courses.

Our Tuu Twins initiative encourages all schools with the resources and budget to get the best out of Tuu to support a school that is less fortunate.

This could be in the same country or a different one entirely. 

Supporting the initiative promotes:

  • Sharing resources
  • Learning from each other’s cultures
  • Ensuring sustainability improvements for all
  • Joint coursework and presentations
  • Inter-school sustainability activities

Contact us now to help find your perfect partner school.