Tuu launches sustainability certificate for teachers

Tuu, the Sustainability Tracking and Education Platform for International and Independent Schools, has launched its first Educator Certification programme for teachers who want to lead the way in sustainability at their school. 

Teachers who are members of a school eco committee and/or oversee the gathering of sustainability data and implementation of green programmes and ECA’s, can now gain CPD recognition through Tuu’s Sustainability Educator Certification.

“Meaningful generational shifts in how we think about sustainability starts at our schools,” says Stewart Utley, Tuu’s Head of Education.

“As the world drives towards enacting a more sustainable future, Education for Sustainable Development is becoming vital in how our schools are managed and how our students are taught. Teachers can now benefit as much as the students who are using Tuu, with the introduction of our Sustainability Educator Certification.”

Tuu’s mission is to support the integration of sustainability-focussed actions at schools, in both operations and curriculum. It provides leaders, educators and students the information and skills they need to lead their schools on the path to sustainability and climate action. 

The free online course guides sustainability educators through tracking key areas of sustainable development at school. It demonstrates how to bring sustainability data to life in the classroom and support students in driving school-based initiatives and projects.

“With Tuu’s ‘Sustainable Educator Certification’, teachers become experts in harnessing the power of real-world data from their school and embedding it into curriculum, projects and learning opportunities to give their students agency for real change around campus.”

Graduated sustainability educators join Tuu’s exclusive community to share knowledge around best practice for sustainability tracking at school and inspiration for sustainability initiatives.

The online programme, which is made up of four modules, launches in August 2023 and includes: 

  • Core ideas surrounding sustainability and global education
  • Understanding Tuu’s sustainability tracking methodology 
  • Navigation and analysis of Tuu’s dashboard and data visualisations
  • Guidance on embedding data gathering and analysis into student-led initiatives
  • Reflective practice as an ESD-oriented educator
  • Access to Tuu’s Sustainability Educators community
  • Certification of status as a Sustainability Educator

Find out how to help lead sustainability in your school.

Register your interest with our head of education Stewart Utley at: stewart@tuu.eco 

About Tuu
Tuu helps create the green leaders of tomorrow by putting students at the heart of data capture and giving them a positive experience of improving sustainability in their school environment. Tuu allows schools to compare data and ratings within business or geographic groups to encourage sustainability best practice and set meaningful improvement targets. Tuu provides comprehensive course work and learning resources to gain maximum engagement from students and give them a holistic understanding of sustainability issues and goals.