Tuu launches second course “Sustainable Schools” for secondary students

The sustainability tracker and monthly rating for schools, Tuu, has launched its latest Extra Curricular Activity course “Sustainable Schools” for secondary school students. 

The online course and accompanying teacher resource pack provides a deep dive into sustainability principles in the context of campus-focussed change to get students thinking about how their schools can become active players in the global drive towards a more sustainable future and climate action. 

“The key to driving sustainable behaviours in students is linking it directly to their contexts, which is what this course does,” says Tuu’s Head of Education Stewart Utley.

“It’s about moving them away from the idea that sustainability is strictly an adult problem and provides students with a toolkit to become change-agents in their own school communities.”

The course, which is available for schools to purchase alongside the monthly sustainability tracking dashboard, consists of four modules that are based on proposing real-world projects in three key areas of school-based sustainability: green spaces; water use and energy on campus. 

The four-part online course and teacher resource pack has been created with flexible delivery options as integral to its design. With access to both the virtual learning environment and full teacher resources, the course can be delivered as a series of fully online or hybrid lessons, allowing both autonomous and teacher-led sessions.  

With interactivity and engagement as key components of bringing sustainability topics to life, Tuu’s courses are rich with interactive content such as annotated video explainers, comprehension quizzes, virtual field trips, downloadable case study sheets and practical projects. 

As with Tuu’s tracker, the sustainable schools course is grounded in sparking real change in school communities. Each of the modules on the course have students developing real project proposal plans to be taken forward and presented. 

“Our sustainability courses, tracking dashboard and monthly rating for schools are all designed for students, to give them the agency they need to really make a difference around campus,” says Tuu’s cofounder, Ian Paynton

“The hope is that by the time students move into employment and leadership roles, they will have sustainability in the DNA of everything they do.”

The Sustainable Schools course is a foundation course in Tuu’s range of sustainability-focussed courses. It gives students the core skills needed to research, assess and propose solutions to the issues they care about in their own school communities. 

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