Tuu’s Sustainable Schools Awards

Our Sustainable Schools Awards 2023 will reward the best achievements in sustainability practices in education to schools around the world and celebrate the students and teachers at the heart of them.

Categories will include:

  • Eco Educator Award
  • Green Leader of Tomorrow Award 
  • Most Innovative Green Committee Award 
  • Clean Energy Innovation Award
  • Water Innovation Award 
  • Building Technology Award 
  • Sustainable Materials Award
  • Waste Management and Recycling Award 
  • Student Food Award 
  • Sustainable Education Award
  • Special Recognition for Technology Innovation
  • Special Recognition Community Project
  • Special Recognition for Teacher Leadership 
  • Special Recognition for Student Leadership 

How to participate?

All school entrants use the Tuu sustainability tracking dashboard to measure their performance with a minimum of 6 months of data with uploaded evidence.

These ratings will be used in conjunction with additional entry questions allowing entrants to expand and explain their approach to sustainability and philosophy behind it. Student entrants will be nominated by schools directly. 

Contact us for a demo of our free sustainability tracking dashboard.